Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

PTK Bahasa Inggris SMP tentang ICARE Model

Applying ICARE Learning Model to Improve Students’ Achievement in Writing Short Functional Text

to the Seventh Grade of SMP N 18 Palembang

Syamsul Bahri, S.S*)

Abstract: ICARE is an acronym for Introduction, Connect, Apply, Reflect, and Extend. This model basically develops either on- or off-line learning system and also applies module. In this research the writer did not apply online learning system but he took the current learning materials from in order to manipulate the situation to be more contextual. The interesting point done by the him; that is, he made an effort to apply technology based learning such as computer in order to enhance the students’ motivation in learning English. In turn, the student would get improvement in their achievement.

This research aims to know whether the application of ICARE learning model can improve students’ achievement in writing short functional text to 40 students of Grade VII.7 of SMPN 18 Palembang as subject of this research. The data obtained from tests (pre- and post-test) and observation. Then, they were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.

This research consists of two cycles, namely: cycle 1 and cycle 2. The average grade achieved by the students in the post-test was 64.71. Because the result did not reach the standardized grad (66.66), so the writer continued to the cycle 2. The result of the post-test in the cycle 2 indicates that the students’ average grade is 72.24. The learning process was successful.

In the end, the writer concludes that the ICARE learning model can develop the students’ achievement in writing short functional text.

Key word: ICARE learning mode.
*) English teacher of SMPN 4 Mattiro Sompe

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